Scheduled For Release 2018-08-25
0000111: [Gameplay] Add battle royale mode (IMP700)
0000086: [General] Fix error - Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,1] out of range [1,1] - 126010.parameter(100623,1) (IMP700)
0000094: [Sound] Add possibility to set custom voice pitch (IMP700)
0000040: [General] Movable objects are sometimes constantly moving (IMP700)
0000090: [Gameplay] Add missiles for jets (IMP700)
0000105: [General] Add possiblity to set map/mode lists (IMP700)
0000089: [Gameplay] Turrets needs to be improved (IMP700)
0000007: [Gameplay] Flag's z-position can't be lower than 0 (IMP700)
0000009: [Network] Ghouls are not synced correctly for other clients (IMP700)
0000026: [Graphic] Improve positioning of the torch (IMP700)
0000067: [Feature Request] Add callvote menu (IMP700)
0000069: [Feature Request] Add possibility to set map rotation (IMP700)
0000017: [General] Zkurvené bubny (IMP700)
0000019: [Gameplay] Items from the inventory can't be used (IMP700)
0000084: [Graphic] Re-create uv-maps for certain models (IMP700)
0000085: [Gameplay] Improve driving model for cars (IMP700)
0000091: [Sound] Make audio code more portable (IMP700)
0000095: [Gameplay] Add taunts (IMP700)
0000099: [Gameplay] Tweak turrets (IMP700)
0000100: [Gameplay] Add possibility to build/place objects (IMP700)
0000072: [General] Fix error - Variable obj_collision_cube.ID not set before reading it. (IMP700)
0000103: [Sound] Add possiblity to set custom ambient sound for custom area (IMP700)
0000102: [General] Add support for the new BlueBurnAccounts (IMP700)
0000101: [Graphic] Add item highlighting (IMP700)
0000098: [Graphic] Add icons to the menu (IMP700)
0000097: [General] Add possibility to spawn asset object (IMP700)
0000022: [Graphic] Corrupted colours on start (IMP700)
0000079: [Graphic] Explosion changes interpolation when shadows are off. (IMP700)
0000093: [Sound] Add additional sound effect for rockets (IMP700)
0000092: [Graphic] Improve FPS camera for vehicles (IMP700)
0000083: [Feature Request] Add a fast vehicle (IMP700)
0000082: [General] Fix problem with selecting trees in the editor (IMP700)
0000081: [Gameplay] KIll on long distance sometimes doesn't count (IMP700)
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0000078: [General] Find some good name for the game (BBP)
0000076: [General] Add some iconic stuff
0000039: [Graphic] Make a separate projection for FPS stuff (IMP700)
0000107: [Network] Add possibility to transfer files via network (IMP700)
0000113: [Gameplay] Add bots (IMP700)
0000112: [Graphic] Hovering flag when player enters the vehicle (IMP700)
0000010: [Gameplay] Picking up guns can commute current ammunition (IMP700)
0000042: [User Interface] Callvote sometimes chooses the wrong item (IMP700)
0000044: [Gameplay] Jet explodes when it hits a parachute (IMP700)
0000106: [General] Add possibility to select multiple items in menu (IMP700)
0000080: [User Interface] Add possibility to select multiple items in the menu (IMP700)
0000077: [Graphic] Add attachments and weapons on the body (IMP700)
0000052: [Graphic] Implement SSAO (kraifpatrik)
0000041: [Graphic] Fix high quality shader for water (kraifpatrik)
0000043: [User Interface] Fix moving the pivot in editor (kraifpatrik)
0000062: [Feature Request] Add possibility to set custom vegetation on the terrain (IMP700)
0000051: [Gameplay] Jets can't handle vertical looping (IMP700)
0000004: [Network] Game randomly crashes due to this error: Attempting to read from outside the buffer, returning 0 (IMP700)
0000108: [Gameplay] Recreate inventory - to be more consistent (IMP700)
0000109: [Web] Add modification section on the homepage (IMP700)
0000013: [Gameplay] Collisions partially cease to work for player (IMP700)
0000075: [User Interface] Add possibility to customize menu (IMP700)
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