Experience pure breathtaking multi-player action in our new BBP closed pre-alpha testing!

Current features:

  • multiplayer game for up to 128 players
  • cross platform mutliplayer (windows, macos and linux)
  • several different game modes (e.g. deathmatch, team deathmatch, capturetheflag, domination, treasure hunter, master race, ...)
  • huge variety of game settings (e.g. gravity, gamespeed, daytime, friendlyfire, instagib, ...)
  • vehicles (e.g. cars, jets, helicopters, boats, ...)
  • support for huge landscapes
  • few testing maps
  • online accounts and stats
  • level editor
  • leveling system
  • in-game currency
  • store (e.g. items, equipments, ...)
  • various weapons
  • destructible environment
  • client, server and editor in one executable
  • voice chat
  • gamepad support

Future plans:

  • more weapons and other equipment
  • weapon adjustments
  • character adjustments
  • enhanced destruction
  • achievements
  • single-player training modes and challenges
  • more game modes
  • more platforms (XBone, PS4, Android, iOS, ...)
  • graphical and technical improvements and adjustments
  • and much more

Work in progress !

Apply for PRE-ALPHA:
You can try to apply for the closed pre-alpha by letting us know through PM or email.

Apply for pre-alpha