Looking for 3D artist!

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Looking for 3D artist!

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Who are we?
We are a small Czech independent game development team consisting of highely skilled and passionate people. We have been working in GM since version 6 and we are mainly focused on 3D games and technologies. But we also have experience with mobile games and applications.

Currently we are working on a 3D muti-player FPS in GM:Studio. It is a reboot of our older project from GM8. Most things has been rewritten and improved, but it is still in early stage of development.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a 3D artist who

  • Is reliable
  • Is passionate about what is he/she doing
  • Likes games and has at least a bit of knowledge about basic game principles
  • Is able to make good looking low-poly models with textures (with unwrapped UV maps)

And of course you have to be able to communicate in English (or Czech/Slovak)…
If you think you are the right person for us, don't be scared, go ahead and let us know about it. Also please let us see some of your work.

You can contact us through PM or or email.

What kind of graphics do we want?
Currently most of the graphics in the game are just place holders, so we need everything from rocks and trees to houses, vehicles and of course characters, weapons and ammunition.

What do we offer?
Here is a small list of what you can get if you work with us

  • Stable team of skilled people passionate about making games
  • You get full access to the game executable
  • Your name or nickname in credits
  • And of course gain some experience and eventually show it off in your portfolio

More info about the game you can find here :

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