JS Optimizer for HTML5 (GM:S)

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JS Optimizer for HTML5 (GM:S)

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JS Optimizer for GameMaker Studio HTML5 export:
As you may have noticed, after you export your GM:S project to HTML5 and you look into the js file, you can see that there is a lot of unnecessary functions that you don't need so they could be removed, but cleaning it by your hands would be very, very tedious and quite useless, because after the next export you would have to do that again which is unacceptable and so because here is this utility, that cleans it up for you, which is great. It's in early access, but it's already able to remove some unnecessary code from your js that you don't need, and it's also able to reduce and optimize your code to improve speed and reduce loading time.


Key features:
  • Reduce the size
  • Improve loading time
  • Improve the overall speed
  • Compatible with GM:S 1 and GMS 2
To do:
  • Add more features and improve cleaning/optimization technique
  • Add support for parameters (commands)
  • Fix bugs and clean up the code
Get it here:

Changelog [v0.2.3]:

Code: Select all

- Initial itch.io release!
- Improved overall speed
- Improved cleaning/optimization technique
- Improved removing comments
- Added warning messages
- Added possibility set various things in config file
- Added support for GMS 2
- Added support for more file types (so now it's possible to use html files too)
- Added function removing lines
- Minor fixes and changes

Notice: it's still in developement and it needs a lot of testing, so it's possible that some parts might not work as expected.
So if you find some bugs or if you have any suggestions please report it here or to our bug tracker, also you can contact us via blueburn@email.cz thanks!

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