PEd v1.4.0 released

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PEd v1.4.0 released

Unread post#1 » 28 Mar 2017 23:24

Changes in 1.4.0:

  • Changed controls.
  • Implemented custom version of Simplex XML.
  • Whole room saving/loading system has been rewritten from scratch.
  • Loading of GMX files is now treated the same way as BBMAP.
  • Created new version of BBMAP (v2), import of the old one still supported.
  • Rooms are now saved by default into a new .ped file format, that can contain more data useful for the editor, like camera position, edit mode (2D/3D), etc...
  • Improved Scene Outline panel - now shows also instance names and IDs.
  • In the Scene Outline, it is now possible to filter instances by their name and id.
  • Scene Outline now also contains the room.
  • In the tile edit mode, Scene Outline now shows list of all existing tiles.
  • Room settings has been moved from the Settings panel to the Details panel. To access them, a room must be selected in the Scene Outline.
  • Settings panel has been renamed to Tools.
  • Created new parent objects for 2D and 3D game objects. It is not necessary to set them as parents in your project, but can be beneficial. .
  • Created custom data containers for objects. It is now possible to register your own data to PEd and edit it in the Details panel.
  • Content of the Details panel is now drawed automatically for objects and tiles using the custom data containers.
  • Changed order of icons in the toolbar.
  • Added Play button to the toolbar.
  • Rewrote documentation comments to GMDoc format.
  • Unified coding style.
  • Moved code that doesn't have to be in scripts into objects.
  • Minor fixes and changes.


NOTE: If you have any suggestions or you found any bug please report it on our bug tracker or you can contact us via thanks.

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PEd v1 4 0 released

Unread post#2 » 19 Jun 2018 15:15

I have just released a minor update. We are still working on the Community Keywords, and wanted to get these other fixes and updates out. Heres a summary

• New Add full support for QCC format, which includes preview rendering
• Change Added format support to all machines to include alternate support types - Now you can export alternative supported file types for a single machine. For example, if your machine support its own brand format, but also QLI, then you can export a QLI without registering another fake machine.
• Change Updated Machine Names - I added the formats that are linked to each type of machine
• Change Changed menu Store to Cloud - in preparation for future features, the Store menu option has been renamed Cloud.
• Bug Fix Updated and streamlined process to account creation - All accounts will now be created from the cloud server. This will now launch your web browser and take you to account created page.

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