PEd v1.3.0 released

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PEd v1.3.0 released

Unread post#1 » 07 Dec 2015 16:20

Changes in 1.3.0:

  • Selecting multiple tiles is now possible (shift + RMB)
  • It is now possible to move around (2D)/look around (3D) with arrow keys
  • It is now possible to zoom view in 2D mode with page up/page down
  • Zooming background in the tile editor is now possible (ctrl + MW, ctrl + page up/page down)
  • It is now possible to scroll background in the tile editor with ctrl + arrows
  • Rectangular selection in the tile editor (when selecting which part of background you want to place) is now possible (shift + LMB)
  • Colour sliders now show preview of mixed colour on mouse over
  • Fixed bug when changing instance position in the Details panel would work incorrectly if you had multiple instances selected
  • Fixed error "ds_list_find_value argument 2 incorrect type (5) expecting a Number (YYGI32)" that could occur while importing a map due to GM backward compatibility issues
  • Minor fixes and changes


Enjoy !

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