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PEd v1.5.2 released

Posted: 05 Jul 2017 13:46
by IMP700
Changes in 1.5.2:

  • Added a new macro PEd_CREATE_DUMMY_2D. When this is set to true, then a dummy object is created instead of the original one. This prevents executing game code in the editor. Applies only to objects that do not have set PEd_oObject3D as their parent.
  • Added script for converting meshes to d3d_models and vertex buffers.
  • Added script for loading 3D meshes from *.obj files.
  • Extended math library (matrices, vectors).
  • Fixed a bug where Content Browser would not work properly when you shuffle your resources in GM.
  • Fixed create event of PEd_oObject2D (custom data containers would load twice in the Details panel in some cases).
  • Fixed pivot rotation.
  • Minor fixes and changes.



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